Dreading work tomorrow?
Is your team managing you, rather than you managing your team?
Are you ready to become that manager?

You might already know her.
She's that one. You wonder how she gets it all done and she still seems to be enjoying herself.
How is that possible?

Welcome to the Corporate Sage Effect

By using a combination of high performance executive coaching and natural medicine; we focus on three areas that will transform you from the drained manager to the corporate sage. 

Corporate Sage Effect clearing


Clearing is an internal and an external process.

Feel supported as you cleanse your body and address any underlying health issues.
Create space in your life for change. Become more effective at work by creating space in your calendar for critical thinking and strategic action

Corporate Sage Effect Trophorestoratives


Managing your team requires the energy of an athlete!

Learn how to build and sustain your energy naturally so you have enough energy to be present for your team and the people you care about.

By combining the art and science of active recovery and herbal medicine so that you can work with your body to ensure you have a reservoir of energy to draw on when you need it most.

Managers Toolkit


Great managers don't happen by accident.

They are the result of focused skill development. The toolkit provides the resources you need to move from doubt to confidence when leading your team.

Move from the exhaustion of reaction to being the responsive high functioning leader your team needs you to be.

Are you ready to become the highly conscious leader your team needs you to be?

Get the Corporate Sage Effect today