Hi! I'm Tracy Tutty

Tracy Tutty

Tracy Tutty is a medical herbalist and mindset coach based in Carterton, New Zealand; and the creator of the Project Joyful podcast.

She works with people who are worn out, drained, exhausted. They often tell her that they're detached from what's going on around them because they simply have nothing left to give. They're often high achievers, juggling the balls, and having no time to take care of themselves.

How does Tracy help?

Tracy brings together plant medicine and neuroscience-informed coaching to help you rebuild your reservoir of energy. This is combined with conversations around strategies and tools so that you don't give away more energy than you're able.  

We talk about that Olympic sport known as managing your team, because we all have teams. Connect with Tracy today and begin the process of inviting in more spaciousness into your life. 

Project Joyful Podcast

The Project Joyful Podcast

Project Joyful brings together the art and science of creating a life that brings you joy. Rather than I’ll be happy when, Project Joyful shares tools, strategies and herbal allies that will help you find your joy in each moment.

How to create a tasty herbal tea

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Leadership training

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By using a combination of transformational mindset coaching and natural medicine; we focus on three areas that will transform you from the drained manager to the corporate sage.